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High-Dynamic Sensors Wide-Angle Lenses - No Fisheye Patented Shock-Proof Design Charge While Redording
OPS HD 1080p
BikerCam System 1080p
GunCam Bundle 1080p


bikercam, tachyon
BikerCam System 1080p
Great as a Snowmobile Camera & Dashcam
US$199.99 $229.99
bikercam, tachyon bikercam, motorcycle camera
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"To be honest I was perfectly happy with the original BikerCam I had and when Tachyon told me they were coming out with a 1080p Full HD version my first thought was "Why?", the quality of the camera I had was just fine.  That was until I saw the video that came off the new 1080p camera.  The quality is amazing even when I play back the videos on my 52" TV"

Overall based on price, video quality, ease of use, and accessories included - I find the TACHYON BikerCam one of the best values on the market for a motorcycle/helmet mounted video camera."

Charge while you record with included 12V adaptor and USB cable. And don't worry about the rain with the Rainproof Cover! Think of the videos you can record when your whole group is hooked up with BikerCams. (Shown here with the included contoured helmet mounts)
bikercam, tachyon ops hd, bikercam 
Quick-Release Handlebar Mount mounts to handlebars or engine guards. The curved base of the Contour Mount is prefect for mounting on helmets.
tachyon, bikercam
Camera Weight 1.2 oz
34 grams
tachyon car cam
Mounts & Accessories
Included with the Basic Camera Package
Contour Mount (perfect for helmets), Tripod Mount (goes with Quick-Release Handlebar Mount, Clip Mount (for cap bills and goggle straps), Rain/Snowproof Cover
A 6-inch strip of 3M Dual-Lock fastener is also included in your box.
Viewing Your Videos View, Playback and download files directly to your PC or Mac, using the included USB cable. Plug-and-play.
BikerCam, with Continuous-Loop technology, works just as well in your car, making it an ideal recorder for all of your car trips.

It also works brilliantly as a snowmobile camera.

Ian Charles Review Review
BikerCam Accessories
quick release handlebar mount tachyon canada

USD 29.99 Order button
Note: This is an additional Quick-Release Handlebar Mount. YourBikerCam System comes with one already.

The Optional Handlebar Mount works together with the BikerCam's Tripod Mount.

 It's standard 1/4"-20 screw will fit all standard cameras, so that it may be used with cameras that you already own. 

 Ideal for mounting to any tubular surface, it offeres 360 degrees of rotation as well as leveling adjustment.

 The Quick-Release mechanism allows you to quickly remove your camera when away from your bike or motorcycle, while the base remains firmly attached.
rainproof cover motorcycle
Rainproof Cover
for All Tachyon Cameras
USD $9.99 Order button
Note: This is an additional Rainproof Cover. Your BikerCam System comes with one already.

 Other than rain, the Rainproof Cover is also excellent protection against sand, dust, and snow. 

 It does not affect the sound quality of your videos.

 For all of you paintball and airsoft people out there...yes, this cover is the perfect armor to protect against paint and pellets.
12V adapter, tachyon
12V USB Adaptor
Min 2.4 Amp
$12.99 Order button
Note: This is an additional adaptor. Your BikerCam System comes with one included.